Cunningham Northington Adams PC CPAs
Firm Profile
Our accounting firm is as innovative in our staffing concept for our own practice as we can be in solving the problems of our clientele. In 1984, realizing the potential of the microcomputer revolution, we elected to eliminate our staff of twenty-one accountants, replace them with state-of-the-art computers and software, and allow our five principals to return to hands-on accounting work by using the most modern and efficient aids available. Through the resultant elimination of personnel administration and training, as well as the traditional work-flow process - - client interview by the partner, explanation to the staff, preparation by the staff, review by the partner, correction by the staff, and final partner review - - we have been able to realize our goal of providing the best possible professional services to our clients… all by our five principals and two administrative assistants. But why should we be so proud of this innovation?

We’re proud of our approach because it translates directly into the enhancement of the quality of our work on behalf of our clients. The benefits realized by our clientele include added confidence in our results from the knowledge that no staff accountant with limited experience has any responsibility for their work, the principal who does their work from beginning to end gains intimate knowledge of the most intricate details of client operations, and the absence of staff turnover eliminates the "retraining" of a new staff accountant each year upon the complexities of a client’s engagement. Each of our clients is able to develop a close relationship with one or more of our principals, as we bring those within our firm having special expertise to bear upon that client’s issues.

Additionally, we realize that the success of any professional relationship will be achieved only through open, honest and timely communications. We will be conscientious in initiating necessary communication, and we will respond quickly to our clients’ inquiries. We see ourselves as problem solvers. Our clients can rely upon our experience which allows us to explore business solutions that our clients may not have known existed.

We approach our work for every client with personal attention… we have to, since their success is our bottom line.